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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Square and Bryte?

Independent businesses choose Bryte because of our transparency, support, and, more often than not, the lower cost.

Depending on the situation, Square can actually be a good solution for very small businesses with very low average tickets. Our product is more economical for larger businesses, but if you would save money by using Square we will advise you to do so. In fact, we let business owners know when Square or any other solution could be better for them.

What mobile processing does Bryte have?

We have a wide range of mobile payment card swiper options to suit any situation or need. Our custom setups include the ability to accept credit cards on your mobile phone, making the outreach of your business unlimited.

What is the range of your support?

Our network of support ranges throughout the U.S.

We currently operate in the contiguous 50 states. We are currently working on the capability to work internationally. If you have any questions give us a call. Also, follow our Facebook account to keep up with updates.

Will I still be able to use my current equipment?

More than likely!

Our team is full of talented and innovative tech people who are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for all merchant situations. In the rare event we can’t integrate with your existing equipment our team will work with you to help find a suitable and cost-effective solution.

What ways can Bryte process cards?

We can process credit cards using all major ways of accepting cards.

Individual options are endless, (hence why they aren’t all listed on the website). No matter what your processing needs are we can meet them, we operate in all the major forms of accepting cards (online/e-commerce, retail card present, mail order, telephone order, and mobile, etc).

Do you have set rates?

We generally don’t use set rates.

Since each business’s situation is unique we employ customized and competitive pricing for each of our merchants. We believe the “one-size-fits-all” pricing approach would be unfair for the vast majority of merchants. Therefore we take a consultative approach by working with each merchant to customize a plan specifically for them.

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